Corridor Logistics Clearing & Forwarding


Part of our Corridor Division in Walvis Bay is the Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing Office. We have more than 18 years’ experience in this field and we offer a complete logistic solution for our clients. We have knowledge of Tariff Classification, Notification, Customs Act, Customs Rules and Regulations. We handle Import, Exports and in-transit movements and are therefore one of the leading complete logistic solution providers in Namibia.
We offer the following services to our clients:
  • Negotiate freight rates with Shipping Lines
  • Booking of cargo with Shipping Lines
  • Prepare bills of lading and supporting documentation (e.g.; F178, Certificate of Origin, etc.)
  • Pass the relevant documents at customs
  • Warehousing of clients cargo at our bonded / none bonded warehouses
  • Arrange for customs inspections as required
  • Arrange for alternative authorities to do inspections as required; (e.g. State Veterinarian, Port Health Inspectors, Meat Board & SGS Inspectors)
  • Arrange the distribution or forwarding of the cargo as per the instructions of the client
  • Arrange in-transit permits and documentation
  • Arranging transport