Rhino Trek

Rhino Trek

Rhino Trek is the transport and logistics division of the Corridor Logistics Group and is situated in Walvis Bay.  Rhino Trek consists of an Operations Office, HR Office and fully functional Workshop.  Rhino Trek has been the transport and logistics solution provider in Africa for over thirty years. The division has the ability to haul over 3000 tons of cargo at any given time.  Currently Rhino Trek has a total fleet of:

  • 41 Freightliners
  • 52 Reefer trailers (average capacity of 28 tons), 
  • 4 Inter link trailers 
  • 2 skeleton trailers
  • 2 flatbed trailers


We also have a list of approximately 40 approved Sub-contractors that transport various commodities under Rhino Trek. 

The Rhino Trek team works hand in hand to ensure the best possible end to end solution for our clients.  The operations office is responsible for all the logistical arrangements from the loading point to the offloading point.


We have vast networks in place to allow for constant assistance and guidance on route.  All trucks are under 24 hour satellite tracking and are monitored 24/7.  Our transport coordinators are there to assist the drivers night and day in any way possible to ensure that each consignment is delivered in the shortest possible time.

Our workshop is Mercedes Benz and Freightliner certified.  The workshop is responsible for all mechanical related jobs. Day to day tasks include the servicing and general maintenance of all trucks, trailers and cooling units. The workshop also offers a 24/7 standby service to the Operations Office and their drivers regarding any mechanical problems on route.    With the networks we have built over the last 30 years we are able to ensure constant support while on route. 

The Rhino Trek Workshop has 9 qualified mechanics as well as 26 supporting staff, majority of which are based at the Outjo workshop. We also have a fully operational workshop at our Walvis Bay Depo. Both workshops have stores where the most essential parts are kept in stock, to avoid delays with maintenance. 

The HR division focuses on proper recruitment, selection and quality training for our drivers.  Potential drivers are carefully selected to ensure they meet the required standards.  The recruitment process includes a challenging driving test, an interview as well written examination.  Successful candidates are placed on local routes while on probation.  Only the permanently appointed drivers are given cross broader loads.  All permanently employed drivers receive annual refresher training to ensure they stay up to date and focussed.    


Piet Maasz is the Operational and Logistics Manager of the Rhino Trek team.